Frequently Asked Questions

What leasing options are available?

The minimum term lease we offer is 3 months. The monthly pricing does typically increase for shorter term leases

What are your application requirements?

It is $60.00 per application and a one-time $250.00 administrative fee due at time of application. You must pass a background and credit check and make three times the rent amount (gross pay)

How much is the security deposit?

Ask about our security deposit alternative program.

How much of the security deposit is refundable?

Ask about our security deposit alternative program.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. There is a $60.00 application fee for everyone over the age of 18. We will credit any money spent during the application process back to you on your move in date

Are there Qualifications - income, credit history checks, criminal history, rental history, etc.?

Criminal check is done after credit and is followed in accordance with The Just Housing Ordinance. Payment history, length of credit and other factors are taken into consideration. Bankruptcies aren’t an automatic decline, but they have to be discharged for a year.

Can I apply online?

Yes you can. We encourage all to use our website

What fees/deposits are due upon applying? Moving in?

Application fee and administrative fee are due at time of application

Do I have to pay first & last month's rent?

You do pay first months rent at move-in not last months rent

When is rent due?

Rent is due the first of each month. Anything paid after the 5th of the month will be considered late.

How can I pay my rent? What forms of payment are acceptable?

Online payments, MoneyGram, checks and money orders are all accepted

Is there a late fee for overdue payments? Is there a grace period?

Any payment received after the 5th of the month will incur a 5% late fee

Is renter's insurance required?

Yes. To protect the building and the contents of your apartment - we require 100K in liability insurance

Are utilities included?

No - you are responsible for all utilities

What utilities are not included in the rent?

Gas, water, sewer and trash

What costs are not included in the rent?

Pest control - $5.00 per month

What is the average cost for utilities each month?

It is determined by the number of people in each apartment - average cost is $40.00-$80.00 per month

Are the apartments furnished? What is included?

No they are not

Are there any bed restrictions for the apartments?

We do not allow waterbeds

Under what circumstance can a landlord terminate your lease?

Conduct, non-payment of rent, health hazards and anything included in the lease

What happens if I need to move out before my lease expires?

We require a 60 day notice plus two months rent to cancel your lease prematurely

Are there any fees associated with moving in or moving out?

Penalties covered in the lease contract will be exercised

Can the apartment be listed on AirBnB?

No this is not allowed

What are the occupancy limits?

Two people per bedroom

Can the apartment be sublet?

No they cannot

How often is there a rent increase?

Typically this happens at lease renewal. We offer competitive rates.

What are hours of the leasing office?

We are open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 10 am until 5pm

What internet service options are available?

​Comcast and AT&T

What property amenities are included?

Swimming Pool

Do you offer valet trash service?

No, this is restricted by the city.

Do you offer recycling?

No we do not

Do you have free internet/WiFi?

No we do not. Xfinity and AT&T offer packages.

Do you have cable?

Yes through Xfinity or AT&T

Do you have package lockers/how do I get my packages?

No we do not

Is storage included?

No, but it is available to rent for a fee.

Is there a fee or permit required for parking?

There is a one time $40.00 fee for registering any additional vehicles above the allotted vehicle count for each lease holder. 

What is the policy for guest parking?

There is open parking for guests with approved guest parking permit. There is no charge for guest parking permits, but they must be picked up from the leasing office ahead of the guests stay. 

I have a noise complaint. Who do I contact?

Contact the leasing office. After hours contact the local police department.

What is the smoking policy? Can I smoke in my apartment? Is there a designated smoking area?

Our apartments and buildings are non-smoking and there are designated smoking areas outside

I need emergency maintenance. Who do I call?

Call the leasing office and the answering service will contact our maintenance team

I have a non-emergency maintenance issue. Who do I contact?

Call the leasing office

Do you allow pets? What is the pet policy?

We are pet friendly - ask about our restricted breeds

What is the parking situation?

One car per lease holder. All additional cars are $25.00 per month

Is parking assigned?

No it is first come first served

Are there building quiet hours?

Yes between 10:00PM and 7:00AM

What decorations or changes to the apartment are prohibited?

We ask that the apartment be returned to original state when moving out

What is the procedure for moving out?

60 Day Written Notice Required

Is there public transportation nearby?

Metra station is 2 miles away - buses are available

Are you near any transportation routes? Which ones?

Metra station is 2 miles away - buses are available

What school district serves the community?

District 46

How old are the appliances?

All appliances are new

What kinds of washers and dryers do in-apartment hookups accomodate?

The GE Thin Twin Stackables

Do apartments have dishwashers?

No they do not

What brand are the kitchen appliances?

Hot Point

Does the apartment come with a microwave?

No it does not

Are stoves gas or electric?


Do kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal?

No they do not

Is there a bathtub or just a shower? Are they together or separate?

There is a combined bathtub/shower

Do apartments have USB outlets?

No they do not